Big Island Volunteer Fire Department

My name is Brandon Cocke and I am the Chief of the Big Island Volunteer Fire Department in Bedford County Virginia. I feel as if I have always been a member of this department. My Daddy, Donald Cocke joined the fire department in 1973, 6 years before I was born. As the Assistant Chief, Daddy would bring me to the firehouse and let me play on the fire trucks while he sat around and talked to the other firemen. By the time I was 10 I had put more (imaginary) miles on those trucks responding to calls than any of the real firemen. When we would come to the firehouse I knew if Ray Goff, Stuart Knight, Ernest Cook, Robert Bennett, Billy Byers, or June St. John were at the house I was going to get to play for a LONG time.

Growing up in and around the station allowed me to be involved a lot of things that other kids my age didn’t get to experience. I would come to most of the fund raisers and occasionally I got to answer a fire call with my Daddy, P.O.V. of course.

Finally on April 20th, 1998 the fire department voted me in. Since then I have been a fireman under Chiefs Barry Spence, Danny Coleman, Ray Goff, Frank Branch, Burke Konen, and Danny Brown.

Since joining I have served as Secretary, Communications Officer, 2nd Lieutenant, Lieutenant, 2nd Captain, Captain, and Deputy Chief. In July of 2011 Chief Danny Brown moved out of our area and resigned as Chief. Since I was the Deputy Chief I was asked to finish out the year as Chief. I agreed and the membership voted to make it official. Since then I have tried to use everything I have learned from 35 years of being around firemen and 16 years as being one.

I find it awesome that this department is the oldest fire department stationed in Bedford County, and I am proud to be its Chief. I look forward to all future endeavors.

Inclosing I would like to thank my family for all that they sacrifice to allow me to serve as Chief. My wife Rachel, son Connar, and daughters Emily and Madison are very supportive of me and my devotion to the fire department. And for that, I thank them very much. I thank God for them daily.



Brandon M. Cocke

Chief of Department

Big Island Volunteer Fire Department