Big Island Volunteer Fire Department

2016 Gun Lottery

Thursday, September 29, 2016 

Big Island Volunteer Fire Company Inc.

2016 Gun Lottery

The Big Island Vol. Fire Co. Inc. 2016 Gun Lottery has begun. The fire company will be giving away the highest quality, and most expensive firearms we ever have. The lottery will begin on Monday, December 26th 2016. Winners will be selected by using the 11pm Virginia Pick 3 Lottery numbers, in exact match. Winning ticket holders can redeem their winnings at Black Dog Sporting Goods located at 1291 Burnbridge Road in Forest VA. Winners of handguns must be 21 years of age to redeem their prize. Winner of rifles and shotguns must be 18 years old to redeem their prize. All winners must successfully pass a firearms background check at Black Dog Sporting Goods. Cash alternatives are not allowed unless it is worked out with Black Dog Sporting Goods. Tickets are $20 each.

Tickets can be purchased from any member or stopping by the firehouse. After Friday, September 30th tickets will also be available at Black Dog Sporting Goods. Tickets can be purchased by mailing your payment to the firehouse. Mail your payment to: Big Island Volunteer Fire Company Inc. - C/O Gun Lottery - P.O. Box 122 - Big Island VA, 24526. Your ticket stub(s) will be mailed back to you. If you include a cell phone number your stub(s) will be texted to you as well. 

Monday, December 26th: --------- Mossberg MVP, tactical with fluted bull barrel, (.308)
Tuesday, December 27th: --------- S&W 686 Talo edition, 3" barrel, (357mag)
Wednesday, December 28th: ---- S&W 442 (38spc)
Thursday, December 29th: ------- Cimmaron Gen. Patton replica (45 Long Colt)
Friday, December 30th: ----------- Ruger SP101 revolver (38spc)
Monday, January 2nd: ------------- Ruger American Predator (.308)
Tuesday, January 3rd: ------------- Henry Golden Boy (22LR)
Wednesday, January 4th: -------- Glock 19 Gen3  (9mm)
Thursday, January 5th: ----------- Glock 23 Gen3  (40SW)
Friday, January 6th: --------------- Glock 30S  (45acp)
Monday, January 9th: ------------ FN FNS9C pistol (9mm)
Tuesday, January 10th: ----------- H&K VP9mm pistol (9mm)
Wednesday, January 11th: ------ Ruger SR1911 stainless (45acp)
Thursday, January 12th: ---------- Ruger 10/22 Tiger edition, engraved stock (22LR)
Friday, January 13th: ------------- Henry Fireman edition (22LR)
Monday, January 16th: ---------- Anderson AR15 (5.56)
Tuesday, January 17th: ---------- Anderson AR15 (5.56)
Wednesday, January 18th: ----- Anderson AR15 (5.56)
Thursday, January 19th: -------- Anderson AR15 (5.56)
Friday January 20th: ------------- Anderson AR15 (5.56)

Thank you for your continued support, and good luck!
Big Island Volunteer Fire Company



Single Vehicle MVC Big Island Highway

Friday, May 6, 2016   Company 2 units were alerted to a single car MVC with entrapment and patient not responding. Units realizing that the area was short staffed added Co.1 for Rescue 1 not knowing exactly what to expect. Units arrived to find the subject self extricating and County 10 tending to the patient. Personnel sweeped the area for any remaining hazards and the patient was transported by Medic 14-1.



Fire at Georgia Pacific

Saturday, April 30, 2016  A little before noon Co.2, 3 and 5 were alerted to a industrial structure fire at the GP facility in Big Island. Units were on scene quickly and encountered a moderate smoke condition inside the facility and confirmed a working fire. With the assistance of the on site fire brigade units quickly made work of the fire that had made extension from the basement floor to the roof via exhaust fans. Units checked for additional extension and cleared shortly afterwards.



Overturned tractor trailer near Cleo Court

Thursday, April 21, 2016  Today's tractor trailer MVC. The crash occurred at the intersection of Lee Jackson Highway and Cleo Court.



Parkway accident requires med-evac

Sunday, April 17, 2016  W2 and B2 just cleared from a three motorcycle crash at MP68 on the Blue Ridge Parkway. One patient was flown by Centra One and two more were ground transported. Centra One's landing zone was ON the Blue Ridge Parkway bridge. Thanks to the Bedford County and Amherst County Sheriff's Offices for blocking both ends of the bridge so we could focus on the safety of the patients, and the helicopter crew.



Turtle Hollow structure fire gets Wagon response

Wednesday, March 30, 2016  Company 2 units were alerted to a structure fire a few miles into Amherst County. Units from Amherst were onscene quickly and made a quick knock on the fire. Units were in service shortly afterwards.



Suspicious fires on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Friday, March 25, 2016  This evening Company 2 units were alerted for a small brush fire on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Units had the small fire under control in about 30 minutes and in the process of clearing the scene. Brush 2 was proceeding up the parkway to find a spot to turn around and noticed what seamed to be smoke and fire on a nearby ridge. Due to the location and topography of this fire two more alarms were sounded for Co.3 and Co.1 for assistance. Units operated for a couple hours to contain this fire which was very suspicious in nature.



Virginia Beach Chiefs Conference

Friday, February 26, 2016  Wagon 2 on display at the 2016 Virginia Fire Chiefs Association Conference in Virginia Beach. We are proud to be one of four apparatus representing WVES/Seagrave.



CSX awards grant to Big Island Fire Company

Sunday, November 8, 2015  Around the first of the year Big Island Fire Company was awarded a grant from CSX transportation. This grant was used to purchase two portable light units and new attack hose for our Wagon that was due to be delivered in August. Without the help from CSX these purchases would had not been possible due to the decrease funding we have seen over the past few years. Thank you CSX and all of your employees that help keep America moving. #BeyondOurRails



Commercial vehicle fire brings out Co.2 and Co.3

Wednesday, November 4, 2015  Company 2 units were on duty at the station when Co.3 (Boonsboro) received a call for a fully involved vehicle fire. Wagon 2 w/3 offered assistance and started towards the scene due to the close proximity to jurisdiction lines. Units arrived to find the cab & engine compartment fully involved and stretched a line to make a knock on the fire and near by brush that had been ignited. Shortly afterwards R-3 and W-3 arrived to make quick work of the remaining fire.



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