Big Island Volunteer Fire Department

Pumper 2

This unit is for sale $150,000
  • 1200 Gallon Tank
  • 1500gpm Pump
  • 50 Gallon Foam Tank
  • 1200\' of 3\" Hose Lay, 400\' of 1.75\" Hose Lay, 100\' 1.5\" Trashline, [2] 200\' 1.75\" Crosslays, [2] 10\' 2.5\" Hard Suction Hoses, [2] 10\' 6\" Hard Suction Hoses, Deck Gun
  • [6] Spanner Wrenches, [2] Hydrant Wrenches
  • [4] Boxlights
  • Light Tower Controller
  • 6\" x 4.5\" Adapter, 1\" Double Female Adapter, [2] 1.5\" Double Female Adapters, [2] 1.5\" Double Male Adapters, [2] 2.5\" Double Female Adapters, [2] 2.5\" Double Male Adapters, 2.5\" x 1\" Reducer, 2.5\" Dumpster Adapter, 5\" x 4\" Storz Adapter, 5\" x 2.5\" Siamese Adapter, 6\" Double Female Adapter, Bedford Bastard Adapter, 5\" Manifold, Ground Base for Deck Gun
  • 2.5\" Nozzle
  • High Rise Pack
  • Raytek Infrared Thermometer
  • 18v Milwaukee Battery, [2] Boxes of Drill Bits, Milwaukee Cordless Drill, Milwaukee Sawzall
  • Ajax Air Hammer Rescue Kit
  • Meter Puller, Pair of Linesman\'s Gloves
  • [2] 100\' Extension Cord Reels, [2] Circuit Guards, Electric Flood Light
  • Dead Blow Hammer
  • Bag of Sprinkler Chocks
  • Compact Suction Unit, Sharps Box, EMS Jump Bag, BVM Kit, Triage Kit, Oxygen & Suction Kit, Bag of Splints & Collars, AED, KED, Set of Spider Straps, [2] Emergency Blankets, [4] Boxes of Exam Gloves
  • Box of Flares
  • [2] Bolt Cutters, [2] Pick Head Axes, Dry Wall Hook, Sledge Hammer, Pry Bar
  • PPV Fan
  • [2] 25\' 3\" Hose Sections, [2] 50\' 2.5\" Hose Sections, 50\' 5\" Hose Section
  • 6\" Barrel Strainer, Low Level Strainer
  • Tool Box
  • [3] Carpet Runners, [3] Salvage Covers
  • Shovel, Pushbroom, 3\' Closet Hook
  • [4] Sections of Conduit
  • Metal Bucket w/ Chimney Fire Equipment (brushes, scrapers, etc.)
  • Bucket of Chimney Bombs
  • Box of Chimfex
  • [5] Oil-Absorb Pillows, [3] Cobra Coils, Bag of Absorbing Pads, Tote Box w/ Decon Equipment, [3] 5gal. Buckets, [2] Hazmat Decon Shower Rods
  • Rope Gear Bag, 200\' Rope Bag, 4:1 Pre-Rigged Haul System, [2] 200\' Utility Ropes
  • Bucket of Hi-Dry
  • Roll of Plastic Sheeting
  • [2] Hose Bridges, Hose Clamp
  • [10] Traffic Cones
  • [4] Wooden Stepchocks
  • Stihl MS290 Chainsaw
  • Partner K-1200FD Saw
  • 2.5gal. Straight Gas Can, 2.5gal. Mixed Gas Can, Bottle of Bar Oil
  • Water Can, ABC Extinguisher, CO2 Extinguisher
  • Backboard
  • 6\' Pike Pole, 10\' Pike Pole
  • 10\' Attic Ladder, 14\' Roof Ladder, 35\' Extension (14\' and 35\' ladders on hydraulic ladder rack)
  • 3000gal. Dump Tank
  • Rear Dump Chute
  • [5] Scott Air Packs, [4] Spare Air Bottles
  • K-Tool, O-Tool, [2] Set of Irons
  • [2] Bucket of Pyrocool Foam
  • [2] Scene Lights
  • [2] Wheel Chocks

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Monday, August 4, 2014  Tonight in our monthly business meeting the Truck Committee presented their findings to the membership. The membership voted to partner with Williams Emergency Vehicle Services, LLC for the purchase of a Seagrave Marauder II engine. The contract will be signed this week, with a build time being approximately 9 to 12 months.



MVA - Blue Ridge Parkway

Saturday, July 26, 2014 17:35 Company 2 units, along with Squad 2, were dispatched to the Blue Ridge Parkway near Petite's Gap Road for a reported motor vehicle accident. E2 (w/4) arrived to find a single pickup on the shoulder of the road, and with no injuries, units returned to service shortly after arriving. Units responding: E2, CR2, and M2-2.



Vehicle Fire - Elon Rd

Friday, July 25, 2014 10:55 Company 2 was alerted to the area of Elon Road and Hercules Road for a reported vehicle fire. E2 (w/2) arrived to find one RV fully involved, with an additional vehicle exposure. E2's personnel stretched a bumper line, quickly containing the fire to vehicle of origin. Units responding: E2, T2, and B2.




Thursday, July 3, 2014  The truck committee tasked with designing a new fire engine to replace Pumper 2 is well under way. The committee has been working hard for the past several months coming up with ideas and designs for the new rig. They hope to be ready to vote on the apparatus and sign the contract in the next few months. Watch here and our Facebook page for more information to come.




Wednesday, April 23, 2014  1709 hours - Tanker 2 was dispatched as part of a Tanker Task Force for a commercial structure fire. The fire was located at Central VA Pallet and Stake Company on Centerville Road in Co. 1's (Bedford FD) first due. Tanker 2 arrived and supplied water to Engine 5 (Forest FD) for the lengthy fire suppression and structural protection. For more information on this fire please Co. 1's website @




Monday, April 14, 2014  1729 hours - Co. 2 and Sq. 2 were dispatched to the intersection of Big Island Hwy and Coltons Mill Road for the report of a two car MVC with 1 injury. At 1735 hours units arrived to find a two car head on crash with 1 apparent minor injury. E2 and CR2 arrived to control hazards and assist M2-2 with patient assessment and packaging. After opening the south bound lane all Co. 2 units returned to service. Units repsonding: E2, CR2, M2-2, M14-1.




Monday, April 14, 2014  1729 hours - Co. 2 and Sq. 2 were dispatched to the intersection of Big Island Hwy and Coltons Mill Road for the report of a two car MVC with 1 injury. At 1735 hours units arrived to find a two car head on crash with 1 apparent minor injury. E2 and CR2 arrived to control hazards and assist M2-2 with patient packaging and 




Saturday, March 22, 2014  At 1423 Old Cifax Road Command requested for Co. 2 to be added to a brush fire near Old Cifax Road and Charlemont Road. Utility 2, ATV 2, and ATV2a responded with three men to assist. Once on scene we joined Co. 5 (Forest FD), Co. 3 (Boonsboro FD), Co. 1 (Bedford FD), and Campbell County Co. 12 (Brookville-Timberlake FD) in fighting a 25 acre brush fire. Both ATV's were in operation for 3 hours transporting equipment, and personnel to the fire. FC2 was assigned as spotter for Tractor 14, and later supervisor of the left flank. At approximately 1800 hours the fire on the left flank was in control and command released Co. 2 from the fire. All Co. 2 units were back in service at 1830 hours.




Saturday, March 15, 2014  At noon today Assistant Chief B. Konen, Captain T. Neas, and FF J. Branch ventured to Troutville to pick up and bring back Engine 2. The engine is now awaiting pump testing and decals before being placed back in service. It has been a long time coming, but we are very happy to have her back. Hugh's Body Shop did an amazing shop repairing rust, dents, and repainting the entire truck in addition to making several needed upgrades. Once the truck has been stripped photos will certainly be posted.




Tuesday, March 4, 2014 09:00-12:0 Back to back structure fires and an EMS fly-out assist kept Big Island and other Bedford County volunteers busy this morning.

The first alarm this morning was a second due structure fire assignment into Company 3's (Boonsboro) first due on Trents Ferry Road.

Barely getting the equipment back into the station the second alarm of the day was a first due structure fire assignment on Powell School Road in Big Island.

Again barely getting the apparatus into the station the third alarm of the day rings out for a med-evac. This was for a patient of the county career staff was providing medical care for.

Sorry, all hands working no time for pictures this time around.

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